The QQC Journal

The QQC Journal is a Google document shared with the instructors of the class and will serve as a bibliography and notes for the readings. It will also include any additional journal entries that are required for the course.

In the real world, no one actually checks your notes to hold you to some standard. The only person that might ever care is the future you that has to go back and use those notes. However, the intention behind this exercise is to provide structure and help you practice reasonable organization and note-taking skills with course staff to hold you accountable.

Document Format

To start, create and share a Google document with the instructors, and submit it via the bCourses assignment. This should be done during the first class.

  • To make things easier here is a Google doc template. Clicking on this link will prompt you to make a copy of the Google doc. Be sure to make one such that it is shared with your UC Berkeley account.
  • Google doc name: “CS 39 QQC Doc: Given_name Surname” – replace Given_name Surname with your name such that it can be matched to your name in the gradebook.

  • Contents for each class:
    • Header for each class date with format “Heading 1” so it appears in the document outline.
    • Contents for each reading due by this Discussion date:
      • Citation – Must contain title, author, and year
      • Link to the reading (optional, if useful to you).
      • Your three QQCs about the reading. See below for details.
    • Additional journal entries, if any, for the week. Title the journal entry with format “Heading 2”. For example, in the first class you will title it “Goals”.


QQC stands for Question, Quote, or Comment. The QQC assignment is a short weekly assignment to help you reflect on the readings and contribute to the upcoming class discussion.

Before class each week, make a new entry in your QQC Journal. This involves submitting one Quote from the reading and two QQCs per assigned reading. A QQC can be a question about the reading, a quote from the reading, or a comment/reaction to a particular part of the reading. For the assignment itself, you do not need to submit one of each in the submission—as long as one of your three is a quote, you can use any mix.


To receive full credit:

  • Within the first class meeting, the document exists and is shared with instructors; the document also is submitted through bCourses.
  • Format is such that there is a “Heading 1” for each class.
  • Three QQCs exist for each reading, where at least one is a quote. Graded on completion.
  • All additional journal entries exist as a “Header 2” under the corresponding class. Graded on completion.

This document will be graded periodically throughout the semester by instructors.

Regrade/Late policy: Regrade windows will be opened twice during the semester (around Week 7 and during RRR week). During this period, you may review/update your QQC(s), but you must email the instructor of any specific resubmission(s) so they can regrade your work.


QQC guidelines are adapted from Professor Kristen Stephens-Martinez at Duke University.